Oreo targets supernatural demographic

Ever meet someone who doesn’t like Oreos? Probably not. Have you ever wondered if giving one of these cream-filled chocolate cookies to the Big Bad Wolf, a Vampire, a Great White shark or giant pink squid would change them for the better? Hopefully not, but the newest commercial ponders these serious questions.

Sung by Owl City, this new ad is cute and maybe even a little annoyingly catchy and strange. Vampires drink blood but may transform into a milk drinker. The Big Bad Wolf may re-consider killing the three little pigs and, what’s that in the end? A blue zombie esque hand? A robot hand? Robots don’t eat ... ANYTHING! But hey, these are Oreos that are filled with wonder, right?

So grab a glass of milk, watch the ad (which is likely to earn further installments), and try and comprehend what we’re talking about.

Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for this either sticking in your brain or making you run out for a pack of Oreos that will ruin your diet.

-Larissa Mrykalo