'Resident Evil' creator turns towards 'The Evil Within'

If you're ready to reside within a new evil, you might be ready for The Evil Within.

It’s no secret the Resident Evil game series lost its touch long ago. Somewhere down the road, it focused more on action rather than survival horror. In the beginning, you found yourself running from enemies, low on ammo. Now you are running up to them and unloading buckets of ammo or slashing at them with your knife to humiliate them.

It was unfortunate that Resident Evil 6 failed to deliver to its fans, but some good has come out of it.

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami listened to his fans and realized that it was time for something truly scary… something that is truly back to what it means to be a survival horror game.

Partnering with Bethesda (the same company that brought us Skyrim), he announced this month that new survival horror game, The Evil Within with the following plot:

When Detective Sebastian and his partner rush to the scene of a gruesome mass murder, a mysterious, powerful force is lying in wait for them. Witnessing the killing of fellow police officers one after another, Sebastian is then attacked and loses consciousness. Waking up in a land where monsters are wandering about, he has to fight his way through a world of death and his close friend's madness in order to understand what’s going on. Sebastian has to face his fears in order to survive on a journey to discover what lies in the shadows of that mysterious force.

Not much else is known about the game at the moment, other than it has been announced for the Wii U and the next gen consoles, PS4 and the new X Box. But you can check out the teaser trailer below and patiently wait for more news!

-Andrew Peters