'Defiance' recap: 'Good Bye Blue Sky'

Sukar's pain in the neck. Courtesy Syfy
After a brief break we are back in Defiance, where a bad day is had by all. Welcome back, folks!

We start a new blissful day in Defiance with Alak Tarr and Christie hanging out at Raider Radio in the Arch.

Alak quickly begins to have a pretty bad day. First off, his bride-to-be has found out that she is expected to participate in a pre-wedding Castithan bathing ritual. Here's the good part, with his parents. Pardon me while I vomit. Alak doesn't really see a problem with this; the women wear beads after all. Oh, Christie. Please don't marry a man who wants you to bathe with his parents. Oh, and Mayor Amanda wants him to play "Shiny Happy People" on the radio station. Umm, no.

Our large Irathient friend, Sukar, isn't having the best day ever either. He gets caught in a Razor Rain, which is a storm that spits shrapnel at meteor-like speeds. He ends up with a piece of shrapnel in his neck and dies. Irisa sees this in a vision and heads out to the Badlands with Nolan in tow. Sadly, they are too late and the rest of the Spirit Riders invite Irisa to stay for the Syncing Ritual. Nolan isn't particularly welcome and he leaves to warn the town about the impending storm.

Alak and Christie continue to argue about the bathing ritual. He suggests if she doesn't want to do it, she needs to tell his parents. If he won't stand up to his parents for you, dump him. Dump him now! This little lover's quarrel is interrupted by Nolan calling in and declaring a general state of emergency due to the impending Razor Rain.

Since everyone has to stay put until the storm passes, Stahma gets trapped in the NeedWant with Kenya. What was she doing there, you ask? She was attempting to inquire about Kenya's services to teach her son about human “G Spots” so Christie could brag about his prowess to her father after the wedding night.

Kenya can't help it, she laughs. Stahma is offended until Kenya tries to explain that no human girl talks to her father about wedding night sex, ever. They get pretty cozy over a bottle of liquor and end up in Kenya's bed. Stahma warns her that Datak must never find out, or he will kill them both. Oh please, like that's going to stay a secret.

So back to Sukar's Syncing Ritual. Contrary to what you may be thinking it does not actually involve any phones or computers. Instead, they lower Sukar's body into a “broth that melts the flesh.” But instead of melting, Sukar rises from the broth and boy does he look pissed. While the rest of his tribe questions his miraculous return, he suits up and heads for Defiance. Irisa runs after the large angry man. The first order of business appears to be to steal a bunch of electrical cable, while possibly murdering anybody in his way. The shopkeeper blasts him with a shotgun and the wound immediately heals. At this miracle, he claims that he and Irisa have been chosen by Irzu, the Irathient god. He proclaims them to be on a holy mission. Irisa doesn't look very sure though.

It's now Doc Yewll's turn at the bad day fun. The path of destruction continues as Sukar attacks her and steals some scavenged Ark technology from her. He then proceeds to the Arch and Alak's Raider Radio transmitter. He gets there just in time to hear Alak tell Christie that he will talk to his parents. Cute. He thinks his father will be cool with it. Anyway, Sukar uses the two components to turn on an Ark ship that is at the top of the Razor Rain Storm. For some reason, he has turned the ship back toward Defiance. Doc Yewll, who tells Nolan this, declares them all screwed.

Well, isn't this sweet? To continue the ongoing theme of family strife, Nolan catches up to the Chosen Two of Irzu in the Arch. It turns out that Sukar has no idea what he's doing, but he attacks Nolan anyway.

Nolan quickly finds that Sukar heals up bullet wounds real quick like. At this point Irisa joins in, only she's on Sukar's side. As she helps tie Nolan up, he punches her in the face and proceeds to shoot a whole lot of bullets at Sukar while Irisa screams. Sukar reminds Irisa of their holy mission as he falls from the Arch window to conveniently land on some scaffolding below. Irisa picks up the triggering device as Nolan raises his weapon at her. She tearfully dares him to shoot her as she pushes the button. He doesn't, of course. She may be a crazy little alien, but he loves her. They rush to the window and see the Ark ship power up and head straight for Defiance. At the last minute it veers away and crashes out in the Badlands. Irisa screams at Nolan some more and rushes out the door.

They manage to rescue old Sukar from his scaffold and haul him to Doc Yewll. Nolan shortly brings Irisa in to hear what the doc has to say. It turns out that there were no miracles. The piece of shrapnel that hit Sukar was carrying some nanites that infested him to complete their primary duty. That duty was to protect Votan life and that meant fixing the meat sack they had landed in. Irisa resists this theory and challenges Doc Yewll to explain her visions then. Now, Sukar did not die from his ordeal, but he is in a coma and Doc Yewll offers to ease his pain to let him die. Irisa refuses and instead takes him back to the Spirit Riders. So, hopefully the large green fur coat wearing dude will recover; he's one of my favorite characters. Incidentally, Tommy had a really bad day too. He got hit by some shrapnel and almost died. Irisa ignores him completely while he gazes at her with soulful puppy eyes in the infirmary.

It should be noted that Quentin had a bad day too. Former Mayor Nicky shows up and has to stay with them due to the storm. Of course, she is only there digging around looking for what happened to Mr. Burch.

By the end of the day, Rafe claims that he killed him because he was trespassing. Unfortunately, Nicky's no moron. She knows that Rafe would only admit that if he was covering for Quentin. After she alludes to a possible secret regarding Quentin's mother, she exits leaving Quentin shaken.

So, we are left to wonder how Nolan and Irisa's relationship will change due to this mess with Sukar. What bit of trickiness will Nicky come up with next? And, what really happened to Rafe's wife?

The next episode of Defiance, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" -- guest starring Brian J. Smith from Stargate Universe--  airs June 10 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.