Interview: Adam Green On 'Holliston' Season Two Premiere

(Originally reported at MTV Geek)

It feels like a classic opening setup for most sitcoms: Buddies Adam and Joe bicker as they rush to prepare the big anniversary dinner double-date before the girls arrive. The laugh track responds in kind to the buffoonery. That’s when the blood starts to spill. Fingers are cut to the bone, faces are melted off, a corkscrew screws a Corri -- then there’s a bad banana cream pie incident. And still the laugh track responds, growing in a maniacal intensity.

Such is the set up for Holliston, FEARnet’s comedy that is something of a Big Bang Theory for horror nerds.

Created and starring director Adam Green (Frozen, Hatchet, Hatchet II, Chillerama), the show plays with situational comedy conventions but turns them on a decapitated head by introducing gore and scary movie tropes, such as in the scene described above. Holliston, which has its second season premiere tonight at 10 p.m., also stars director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, the much-anticipated Knights of Badassdom), as well as Corri English and Laura Ortiz. Oh yeah, and then there’s Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider as Adam and Joe’s boss and GWAR’s Oderus Urungus who is Adam’s imaginary friend, Oderus.

The show revolves primarily around Adam and Joe’s attempt to get their zombie soccer movie Shinpads made whilst working as horror-show hosts as a low-rent local cable company, and during their adventures, a rogues gallery of scary movie icons appear as skewed versions of themselves. For instance, in the Season Two premiere, the imposing Kane Hodder (the Hatchet series and Friday the 13th parts 7-10) appears as a sensitive and precious actor who attempts suicide when he hears he’s been replaced as Jason Voorhees.

Granted, a segment of the population may not know who Hodder is or, for that matter, other guest stars such as Danielle Harris, Tony Todd and Derek Mears. Hopefully they at least know who John Landis is, but that’s not what Holliston is going for. Loaded with horror movie quotations and background Easter Eggs from the genre, there is a sense that if you get it, you’re one of “us,” but if not, well … you really won’t get it.