From ghost hunter to movie star? Britt Griffith dives into 'Black Lagoon'

In a new film from Origin Releasing and Dead Sea Films, one of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters tackles a beast that you wouldn’t want to encounter when cooling off this summer.

Britt Griffith will star in Black Lagoon and join cast members that include Monster Man Cleve Hall, as well as Alexis Iacono, Devanny Pinn, Chanel Ryan and director Brandon Slagle.

The synopsis is featured over at Dread Central explains that "A marine biologist is assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of marine life in an inland saltwater lake; when she arrives, she discovers the town’s dark secret – an ancient legend that may in fact be real…"

Of course, this isn’t Britt’s first endeavor into horror. Along with castmates Pinn and Iacono, and director Slagle, Griffith killed it in last year’s The Black Dahlia Haunting which recently found distribution with JY Entertainment (China), Origin Releasing (United States and Canada) and Phoenix Group Releasing (international). The film nabbed Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Monster at Hollywood's Shockfest last November.

Stay tuned for further Lagoon developments. And Griffith is back for more Ghost Hunters when the show returns June 12, 9 p.m.