Final season of 'Ghost Hunters International' hits DVD -- but someone is missing from it

As if we haven't known for some time, it seems even more official after more than a year of speculation. The Syfy series Ghost Hunters International will have its third, and final, season released on DVD this Aug. 27. The title for the four-disc DVD set? Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season.”

GHI’s third season ran from July 13, 2011 to April 4, 2012 and featured team members Kris Williams Joe Chin, Paul Bradford, Susan Slaughter, Barry Fitzgerald and Scott Tepperman. Locations visited included Trinidad and Tobago; Turin, Italy; Limavady, Northern Ireland; and, Antwerp, Belgium.

We reported on what we believed to be the fairly final indication that GHI was just a ghost back in November when Notorious Hauntings (now known as Killer Contact) was announced for Syfy. But this seems to put the final lingering nail in the coffin short of an official statement.

Despite the crew listed, the DVD cover art only features part of the crew (Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman are missing). According to Kat Coffin at, there’s another issue with the DVD: “The tag line for the DVD set says ‘Starring Barry FitzGerald, Britt Griffith and Kris Williams (2013),’ but Griffith wasn’t part of the final season crew.”

Bradford, a sometimes contributor for Paranormal Pop Culture, was rankled by the way the "announcement" was made and by his absence on the cover -- he also noted he is the fourth-longest running cast member on the show behind Robb Demarest (who left in the middle of Season Two), FitzGerald and Chin. Bradford sent the following statement about the DVD:

Other than the appalling Photoshop job on the Final Season DVD cover, the powers that be appear to have omitted two of the team members (the second time for Scott). As the Tech Specialist/Manager for over three years, it's a serious blow to have been left off the cover. You either have all the team or just the team leads (like Ghost Hunters DVDs would simply feature Jason and Grant). 
I did contact Syfy and they informed me that I would have to contact Pilgrim. I sent a number of emails to various people from Executive producer Mike Nichols to Pilgrim legal and have had no reply. Not only was it a hurtful and disrespectful to have been omitted from the DVD cover, but for no one to reply or take responsibility is just another nail in the coffin. I am extremely upset and hurt by the actions of those involved.

I had a good run with Ghost Hunters International; I gained a brilliant and loyal fan following, I actually discovered the DVD cover issue after receiving a number of messages from fans through social media and email. It's not just a blow to me and Scott but to our fan base, and the fan base of the show.