Furby makes a comeback, will consumers follow?

Did you own a Furby when the craze hit back in 1998? Did you love it or did it annoy the hell out of you? Well, either way, we’d like to let you know that this Autumn, Hasbro is unleashing a new breed into your homes ... if you allow it.

Thanks to an exclusive over at EW we’ve not only learned the name will be Furby Boom but we caught a glimpse of its egg.

Not much is known about the relaunched toy’s details so you can only speculate. What will it do? Will it talk all night long? Maybe it comes with its own established Twitter account? Who knows but if you’re a Furbling or have young children, you already know what to put on a Christmas list.

(Editor side note: Furbies are popular topics within the paranormal communities where -- in all likelihood -- dying batteries have led people to believing their little fur-covered robot things are posessed or haunted)

-Larissa Mrykalo