Zombie author Kenemore launches Kickstarter campaign, puts reader in zombie book

Just when you had finally gotten over your fear of corn fields (thanks, Stephen King), another author is poised to strike holy terror into our hearts and minds once again. Only this time around, we’ll be fearing the Walkers behind the rows.

Scott Kenemore, known for The Zen of Zombie; Zombie, Ohio; and Zombie, Illinois -- and a friend/contributor to Paranormal Pop Culture --  is looking to add another location to his zombie state series and this time he has his sights set on the Hoosier state of Indiana. Kenemore spent much of his childhood in Indiana and says he would love to write about how the midwestern community would handle a zombie attack.

As with Zombie, Illinois (2012), Kenemore is taking to Kickstarter to bring Zombie, Indiana to life.

Kenemore, also a member of the Zombie Research Society, said he is looking "to raise funds that will allow me to travel and location-scout across the Hoosier State" because, even though he lived there for nine years, "there are still portions of the state that remain largely unexplored by me."

"I'd like to take trips to all of the locations I'm thinking of using in my book, and consider how they might withstand an attack by zombies."

Of course, some funders might ask, "What's in it for me?" So glad you asked. Kenemore will reward readers with more than a great novel; they could have a minor character named after them or even become a zombie antagonist. He warns that if you choose to have a zombie named after you, you should prepare yourself for a grisly death.

Already a little over halfway to his goal, Kenemore hopes to have a draft finished by late 2013, and “barring unforeseen circumstances,” it will be published and available in early 2014.

-Nowal Massari