Dark Horse unveils 'Game of Thrones' White Walker statue

Apparently Sam’s dragonglass did not kill that creepy White Walker who was going after Gilly’s baby. Well, sort of. This December, you can invite Game of Thrones into your own home when Dark Horse releases their White Walker statue.

The press release reveals that the statue of this fierce creature will arrive in “finer comic shops, bookstores and specialty retailers on Dec. 18, 2013. The White Walker is a hand-painted, numbered limited edition collectible. Each bust is packaged in full-color collector box, will include a numbered certificate of authenticity. Retail price is $124.99.

From Dark Horse’s David Scroggy: “The first appearance of the White Walker was the climax of the show’s second season. We thought that would be a perfect image to seize. We used exotic resins to simulate his ice spear, and will also re-create the striking blue luminosity of his piercing eyes. Game of Thrones is one of the best television sagas ever, and we owe it to the audience to capture every detail. Hopefully, we’ve succeeded.”

Now you know what to get the Thronie on your holiday list!

-Larissa Mrykalo