Man of Steel leaps June box office in single bound

Did you see Man of Steel this weekend? Probably. It seems that everyone has and the box office take is a good indication. According to Forbes, The action-packed Zack Snyder-directed superhero flick brought in a currently updated figure of $128.7 million domestically which is a new record for a June opening.

According to Forbes, “If you count that whole figure as its opening weekend, then it not only trumps the $116.1 million debut of Alice In Wonderland for the second-best opening weekend for a non-sequel behind The Hunger Games' $152 million but becomes the 12th biggest debut ahead of the $128.1 million debut of Iron Man 2.”

Supes did have some other supernatural competition with the Seth Rogen comedy, This is the End. According to EW, This is the End garnered “an impressive $32.8 million debut, holding it down in second place and already recovering its $32 million budget.”

-Larissa Mrykalo