Take a bite out of Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa

Zombie Burger's menu sports a Zombie newspaper
Zombie fans in Des Moines, Iowa, are damn lucky. On 300 E. Grand Avenue, there’s a food joint with a name we can’t help but love: Zombie Burger.

Some lucky stiffs over at NPR got to partake in the super cool menu recently and really seemed to enjoy the zombie-themed noms (Zoms?).

According to their review, The entire menu at the Des Moines, Iowa, burger joint is zombie-themed. There's the "T-Virus," the "Undead Elvis," the "Dead Moines." The star, though, is "The Walking Ched." It's topped with macaroni and cheese, and the bun has been replaced with breaded and deep-fried macaroni and cheese patties, which may be beating an undead horse a bit.” It’s extra cool because it looks like brains.

If you’re like every other carnivore on the planet, you love bacon and Zombie Burger certainly has something you’ll die for. An homage to the Brad Pitt’s latest film, World War Z, they give you the “World War B.”

This was indulged in as well and damn it! We’re jealous: “The B stands for bacon, but if you like your sandwiches handsome, you can imagine it stands for Brad Pitt. It's a burger topped with six strips of bacon, pulled bacon, and bacon mayonnaise. Bacon bacon bacon; bacon bacon.”

According to the restaurant’s official site, the Burger of the Week is “It’s Always Gory in Philadelphia” and sounds a lot like one of the city’s famous cheesesteaks (shaved prime rib, house-made cheese wiz, American cheese, caramelized onion, and mayo). They also have a killer drink menu.

We’re surprised that more folks haven’t come up with this brilliant idea. We’ll refrain from commenting on how they may be trying to turn their patrons into zombies with the not-so-healthy food choices. But hey, live a little, right?

If you know of any restaurants with cool paranormal themes like this (and Zombiez in Washington), let us know!

-Larissa Mrykalo