New Comics June 26: Massive Uncanny Lazarus Rises from an Unwritten Ultron


So. Many. Releases. Normally, we have to drop a couple of titles or so from our feature just so you, our valued reader, don’t want to take an axe to the writer’s head for driveling on and on about the neat new stuff being released. This week involved even heavier cutting as it seems everybody was saving heavy hitters for the last week in June.

Besides what’s listed here, give some serious consideration to picking up X-Men #2 and Fathom: The Elite Saga #2.

Dark Horse
Massive #13

Brian Wood begins a new story arc of his near future environmentally disastered (yes, I made that word up) Earth. With the Massive’s trail gone completely cold, another problem arises for the Kapital’s crew. And it lands them in New York. What could possibly go wrong?


Batman Superman #1

Part of the reason for the New 52 was so writers and reads wouldn’t be bogged down or intimidated by 70 or more years of history for certain characters. With Batman Superman, we get to see some of the fruits of that decision by being told the story of how Batman and Superman met in the New 52 universe. There’s no doubt both heroes have a special relationship. It’ll be interesting to see where history takes us this time.


Unwritten #50

If you’re a fan of Fables, you’ll probably want to check this out. Our favorite concept of The Unwritten is crossing over in to Fable territory. In a desperate act, the witches of Fabletown draw in Tom Taylor to fix what their most dangerous ever foe has done. What can the world’s most powerful mage do with a place he never made? Check out this five issue story arc and find out!


Uncanny #1

Imagine if you could absorb the skills and memories of anyone you choose, if even for a short time. Most people would probably say they’d make the world a better place. Weaver would agree. As long as the world is a better place for him. See what happens when a con man, used to serving only himself at the expense of others is forced into different choices. See what happens when he finds out his abilities may not be so unique after all.


Hoax Hunters Case Files #1

Nope, this isn’t a new series. Think of it as more of an Annual where past cases of our beloved Hoax Hunters are featured. Remember when we called this a twist on Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files? Well, say hello to Ben Hansen who makes a special appearance!

Lazarus #1

Heady setting here, and I’m so looking forward to this one. The world is run by a few families and their private armies who constantly wage war on each other. Government? Who needs that outmoded vehicle of bureaucracy? You don’t need government when you take what you want. Enter the tip of the Carlyle family’s spear, Forever. She was built as a weapon for her family and is the best at what she does. And all she wants is her father’s approval. All he wants is to give it to her….as long as she keeps killing for him.


Age of Ultron #10AI

Marvel is calling this the finale for Age of Ultron, but wasn’t the other Age of Ultron 10 from last week the finale? Apparently not. Besides the introduction of a new character to the Marvel universe (brought in from Spawn, no less!) we still have no idea what’s really going on with Hank Pym. Or which version of him is still around. And what’s going to happen? Last week’s issue sure left us with a lot of questions. Hopefully, we’ll really see how Age of Ultron ties into and affects the regular Marvel U. Of course, we’ll also be looking forward to The Hunger, which follows the conclusion of this series.

Guardians of the Galaxy #4

Gamora has a secret and it could bring down the Guardians. But that isn’t the most exciting thing about this issue. What’s the big news? Sara Pichelli, who has done some kick ass covers and done regular duty on the latest Ultimate Comics: Spider-man series is coming over to pencil this series. Color me excited about this. And I don’t normally get all wound up about artists..