'The Zombie Office' Webcomic Scares Up Laughs

Have you even wondered what office life would be like after the zombie apocalypse occurs? Thanks to a weekly webcomic that began on June 22 called The Zombie Office, this mystery is solved and will even give you laughs in the process. For some, going to their office when it’s not the apocalypse is horrifying enough, so laughs are definitely in order to get through the work day when the threat looms of being eaten by a zombie.

Created by Jay Nolte, The Zombie Office is described as “A continuing story of office horror.” The official site also features hilarious motivational posters and office memos from the Management Team (MT).

Humongacorp sounds a lot like where some of you might work, except for the fact that you’ve never had to train a zombie who’ll be working for free. Corporations like to save money and zombies don’t need health insurance!

In addition to reading the webcomic from the beginning on their site, you can “like” them on Facebook  or give them a follow on Twitter to keep up with all the zombtastic office news.

-Larissa Mrykalo