‘Sharknado’ Merch Coming Soon

An announcement today from Syfy and The Asylum will have fans of the social media hit Sharknado , hitting the stores soon.

Combining efforts with Earthbound LLC,  a leading direct to retail and brand licensing agency, consumers will get to choose between a wide range of potential merchandise “from fashion tees, bags, posters, accessories and costumes to gaming, among other areas.”

In a statement from the press release, Jeff Li, Vice President, Syfy Ventures, explains why this move is a smart one, “The public’s appetite for the incredible Sharknado franchise has been remarkable. The bold and over-the-top Sharknado brand is the perfect fit for a wide range of fun merchandise, providing partners with the unique opportunity to drive consumer excitement and retail sales.”

This venture has all involved, pretty pumped. Paul Bales, Partner at The Asylum, stated, “We’re excited to be working with Earthbound and Syfy, and to seeing Sharknado on every t-shirt, umbrella, and chainsaw in America.”

The items will be available for purchase in the upcoming weeks.

Are you as excited or are you ready for the storm to dissipate?

Don’t forget, this Friday, Aug. 2 at midnight you can witness Sharknado as it was meant to be...on the big screen at a Regal theater near you!

-Larissa Mrykalo