'Wizards vs. Aliens' worth a geek out

Originally airing on the CBBC in 2012, Russell T. Davies’ (Doctor Who) sci-fi show, Wizards vs. Aliens was brought stateside on June 1st by the The Hub Network.

Geared toward a younger audience, the show centers on Tom Clarke, a 16 year, footie loving lad who lives with his father, Michael (Michael Higgs, Eastenders) and his grandmother, Ursula (Annette Badland, queen of the Slitheen from Doctor Who). This family is just like any other ... aside from the fact that they’re wizards!

Being 16 is hard enough, but couple it with magical powers, a skeptical brainy best friend and the Nekross, a race of aliens that have come to Earth to devour all magic, and you’ve got yourself some serious trouble.

While the show has received some negative reviews for borrowing heavily from Harry Potter, and there are minor similarities, Wizards vs. Aliens is a fun albeit cheesy, half hour of television that parents can actually enjoy watching with their youngsters. So, fellow Potterheads and Whovians, let’s give this show a fair chance!

You can catch it Saturday’s on The Hub at 7 p.m., EDT. The second season finished filming in May, but no release date has been set.

-Nowal Massari