'American Horror Story: Coven' Debuts Two Teaser Trailers

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Two new teasers for American Horror Story: Coven have us under their spell.

We may not get a ton of info from the first teaser, but it sure as hell is creepy. Are the women shown levitating and facing the wall in a pristine white room witches or their victims?

The second teaser is just as, if not creepier, as a life-size Voodoo doll lunges at us as "Winter Song" plays in the background.

Set in New Orleans, Coven features modern-day characters as well as some notorious figures from back in 1830. For example, Kathy Bates will be playing murderer/torturer, Marie Delphine LaLaurie, aka Madame LaLaurie. Angela Bassett will be portraying Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau.

According to the show’s executive producer, Tim Minear, ”I think some of the bigger themes this year is oppression of minorities of all kinds and within that idea, the idea of minority groups going after each other and doing the work for the larger culture. There’s a very strong feminist theme there, there’s also themes of race and themes of oppression and a very strong theme of family, specifically mothers and daughters.”

American Horror Story: Coven premieres on FX this October 9. The first episode is titled, "Bitchcraft."

-Larissa Mrykalo

Teaser #1

Teaser #2