DC Comics Trinity War brings paranormal into mix


You may have heard something in passing about this whole big shebang going on with DC. Sure, there have already been crossover events like "Rotworld," "H’el on Earth," "Night of the Owls" and "Death in the Family," but this is the biggest crossover in scope DC has put out since relaunching with the New 52. It’s Justice League vs. Justice League of America vs Justice League Dark and they really are all at odds with each other!

Usually when you read that a hero dies, you have to wait until the end. Not so, here. In fact, this hero’s death sparks a whole new mystery. Not so much about who pulled the trigger, but why. For those not in the know the Justice League of America has had its members chosen by design rather than happenstance throwing them together. What most people don’t know, including some of the members of the JLA themselves, is that the JLA was formed specifically to counteract the Justice League by the heavy-handed Amanda Waller (see what a lovely creature she is in Suicide Squad).

And most people just simply don’t know about the occult powers based team of Justice League Dark, being led by Constantine or Madame Xanadu, depending on whom you ask.

Enter Pandora. Yes, *that* Pandora. If you pick up the first issue of Trinity of Sin: Pandora, you’ll see what’s led her into the current situation with this skull-shaped box that released the seven sins upon the world way back when. Fast forward to today and Justice League #22 where Pandora is attempting to track down the Man of Steel to help her open the box, ultimately in hopes of redeeming herself and somehow imprisoning the seven sins again. The nice thing is that you won’t have to wait until next month to see what happens, as a new installment is being released across the three main titles with the addition of tie-ins with Trinity of Sin: Pandora, The Phantom Stranger, and Constantine. Head on over to DC’s website for the comprehensive checklist.

If all that isn’t enough to tempt you, consider all the extra stuff going on. Captain Mar....er, Shazam is involved. DC has been running a back up story at the end of almost every issue of since Justice League #7, and is finally introduced to the JL and JLA -- while being fired upon by an army. Then there’s the question of The Question. The Question is a mysterious figure introduced back in 1967 in the first issue of Blue Beetle, but has been brought into modern times by skulking around The Phantom Stranger series for a few issues now. So, what does he have to do with everything? There’s even another unidentified villain seen in Justice League #22 whose motivations are uncertain, but he definitely wants to bring down the Justice League and has been putting his plan together in the shadows.

Had enough yet? Too bad. There’s more! Not only do you have a multi-layered plot that’s been building for a good while now, there’s certainly more planned afterwards. So much so, that the solicits for Justice League, JLA and JLD all look like static-filled TV screens so as not to give away anything besides announcing all the teams are DEAD. This begs the question of what’s going to happen during DC’s villain month (September) when Forever Evil is released?

And, if THAT isn’t enough, somewhere, somehow, The Secret Society of Super-Villains is also somehow involved. If you’re looking for something a little deeper, the concept of the trinity is a recurring theme. Does the trinity refer to the three team? Does it refer to the relationship triangle of Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman? Is the Trinity of Sin (Pandora, The Question, and the Phantom Stranger) the true trinity driving this whole thing? Tune in and find out!