'Plants vs. Zombies 2' takes over Seattle Space Needle with announcement

The Space Needle, that iconic Seattle landmark, has been taken over by zombies! Don't worry though, it just got a little redecorated to celebrate the release of PopCap Games Plants Vs. Zombies 2!

“PopCap was founded in Seattle, and we’re on 4th Avenue, so when we walk out, we see the Space Needle. So we wanted to team up with these guys [for the launch],” Jeremy Vanderhoozer, creative director behind the game, explained to KOMO News. EA Games acquired PopCap back in 2011.

After nearly two years of development, Vanderhoozer was on site at the Space Needle to launch the new game. The day was made extra special for those in attendance by handing out posters, speaking with fans and a photo op with one of the zombies from the game! Media members were taken up via helicopter to view the new art-work atop the Space Needle:

A zombie holding a message that reads "Hello Seattle, we are about to launch an all-out attack on your city. Sincerely, the Zombies."

The game itself, is being given away for free, with some pretty ingenious paid options available as well. Vanerhoozer says that the paid options are not "pay-to-win" like traditional pricing. He promises the game will be a lot like it's predecessor, Plants Vs. Zombies, with new plants, new worlds ... and the element of time-travel. He added that the game is a "living game ... we'll be updating it. We'll keep adding things to it." So keep your peepers peeled for updates!

While nothing has officially been announced, Vanderhoozen hinted that the PopCap crew and the Space Needle would be teaming up again regarding Plants Vs. Zombies 2. Stay tuned.

-Nowal Massari