Demeter and Elvira Let You Smell Like The Mistress Of The Dark

Demeter Fragrances have teamed up with Elvira Mistress of the Dark, to bring you some sexy
spooky scents, just in time for Halloween!

First up is Elvira's Black Roses, which uses Thorny Stem Bulgarian Rose petals and red currants to create a deeply sexy, floral scent.

Elvira's Vamp has notes from the Dracula Orchid, Belladonna and Madagascar Vanilla to complete a dangerously enchanting fragrance.

Finally, Elvira's Zombie. With ylang ylang, red poppies and black vanilla bean, this perfume is sensual enough to rouse the dead.

These hauntingly dark scents are available now and start at $25. Get yours before they disappear into the dark.

-Nowal Massari