'Ghost Adventures' recap: 'Black Swan Inn'


Tonight's episode of Ghost Adventures took place at the Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, Texas. The woman who lives there, JoAnn Rivera, has not only had experiences on the property but but her children have as well.

As always, the show begins with history. In 1842, the Battle of Saldado took place between Mexicans and Texans with only one Texan dying. In 1867, Heinrich Muller bought the land to turn into a dairy plantation.

As the crew arrives on the steps of the inn, Zak is surprised to the point of jumping when the door squeaks as it opens. JoAnn, whose mother died in the house less than six months ago, has seen shadows, been touched, and heard voices in the house, including her mother. She claims women have been touched in a sexual manner. They have made a closet into a psychomation chamber which could lead to more activity according to Nick.

In the law library, there is a dark, aggressive male shadow believed to be that of a soldier. JoAnn has felt a gunshot to the head in his presence. In the milk barn, tour guide Angelka Rogers has heard footsteps and a voice saying “Get out”. Paranormal investigator Viktor Salazar has captured EVPs saying “I'll hurt you” and “I'll kill you” followed by experiences that echo those sentiments.

JoAnn's children, Madison and Nathaniel, have never been allowed to discuss their own experiences with investigators before. They reveal to Zak that they have both seen shadows while Madison has been pinched and had her bed covers pulled off. Zak comforts them by telling them that this is their home and they are strong.

Moving outside to look around, Zak and Aaron end up in a poo flinging fight. In all seriousness they attack the yard with metal detectors and find a lot of, well, metal. Turning up only a shell casing of any interest, they leave the metal hunting to Madison and Nathaniel and move on to questioning a man they saw observing them. Gary Perez, a local American Indian, reveals the spiritual nature of the grounds. The spring is known as spirit water and moves of its own volition springing a 20 foot geyser on the full moon.

As the guys turn to the lockdown, Billy and Jay set up in a separate building with their audio and video monitors. JoAnn joins part of the lockdown to try and communicate with her mother. She is rewarded at one point when she hears the secret word known only to her mother and her. There were lots of pictures displayed throughout the episode of this well loved woman. Madison's name was spoken through the spirit box early in the session.

When Zak later questions the spirits about a battle a voice asks, “Which one?” Meanwhile, Aaron is in the barn with a thermal camera and captures what could be a spirit at a window. Not noticing it at the time though, it was not investigated. Zak, alone the house, uses a large speaker playing war re-enactments to try to entice the aggressive The presence to appear. A misty light anomoly is captured along with a shadowy figure in Madison's room. The figure turns out to be a rodent of some sort.

In the end, there is persuasive evidence of something in the house but the menacing spirit eludes capture. Another week, another fun and informative episode.