'The Conjuring 2' sends Warrens to England

Even before the huge success of James Wan's The Conjuring, Warner Brothers was already eyeing a sequel, and after breaking $41 million dollars in its opening weekend, the follow-up has officially received the green-light.

With the Warrens case load spanning over 50 years and an alleged 10,000 investigations, it's no easy task to choose which investigation the next film off of.

Writers Chad and Carey Hayes have both expressed their interest in a case involving two supposedly possessed sisters in Enfield, England during the 1970s.

Patrick Wilson recently sat down for an interview with Shock Till You Drop for Insidious 2, and briefly discussed the (potential) next chapter in The Conjuring. Wilson stated:

"Chad and Carey,the writers, the sort of let this cat out of the bag, so I'm just confirming their gossip, which is they were interested in a story in London, overseas, of some sisters that were possessed. I don't know, I haven't seen the script."

Wilson also offered his thoughts on the notion that the sequel will follow the Warrens most well-known case; Amityville.

"I can imagine it wont be Amityville. [...]Well, maybe they'll drop more hints of that. Or maybe it will be Amityville and I'm completely lying."

While it's unlikely the sequel will follow the Warrens time at Amityville, we're dealing with Hollywood and anything is possible.

-Nowal Massari