‘Ghost Adventures' recap: ‘Tuolumne Hospital’

Courtesy: The Travel Channel

In this week’s episode of "Ghost Adventures," Zak, Nick, and Aaron (along with Billy and Jay) headed to Sonora, California to investigate the abandoned Tuolumne General Hospital. The hospital treated those who suffered from mining accidents in the Gold Rush era. The evidence that the paranormal team would capture during their investigation would turn into their striking of gold.

Tuolumne General Hospital first started out as a tent in May of 1849, as a result of the dangerous lifestyle of miners. The hospital then moved to its permanent location in 1967, and ultimately closed their doors in 2011 for various reasons, such as corruption and lack of funding. Much like the hype of the gold rush to thousands of those seeking wealth, the rumors of paranormal activity is what drew the Ghost Adventures Crew to the hospital. They would not be disappointed by the events they would capture.

The episode began with Zak interviewing former employee of the hospital, Edward Sampson. Sampson is not skeptical of the activities occurring within the hospital’s walls, estimating that there are a couple of spirits there ... even naming one George. After describing the mischievous nature of the spirits, it is during this interview that Aaron informs Zak that he hears whispers and creaking of a door.
Investigating the sounds and attempting to make communication with George, Zak suddenly gets a headache and is forced to leave the hospital due to the intense pain. As quickly as the headache came on, it goes away when Zak walks outside of the location. He notes that the headache could have happened medically but also speculates that the pain he had felt may be that of a patient who may have suffered a head injury.

Before lockdown commences, Billy and Jay are left at the hospital to set up the equipment and focus the Kinect motion detecting system on a bed with a CPR dummy. About 30 minutes after setting up the Kinect system in the operating room, the camera detects a figure by the dummy, motioning as if it is helping a patient. This is repeated later when Nick is lying in the bed. Aaron and Nick begin to feel dizzy, the figure appears again and its arm begins motioning towards Nick’s stomach, Nick feels a sharp pain in his stomach which overwhelms him. It is after this that Aaron informs Nick where the figure had struck him.

After Nick and Aaron leave, Zak is left with the spirit box and communicates with whom they think was a nurse telling him to leave; and with the spirit "George."  It is when they re-group in the nerve center that the monitor capturing the dummy on the bed is forcibly knocked over.

Aaron then goes to the psychiatric portion of the hospital where patients have attempted to commit suicide, one succeeding. As Aaron sat in the rubber room he immediately (emotionally and physically) appears to be paranoid, as if he may be feeling the effects of those who resided in the rooms. After checking the door, swearing he sees something, an EVP is captured of a spirit asking them not to help.

The episode ends with a consultation with engineer, Bill Chappell, regarding the figure they captured on the Kinect system. They debate if the figure was a result of a glitch. Bill concluded due to the timing of the incident before and after the figure appearing, that it was not a glitch and that with this technology we are detecting something we cannot see with our eyes.

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