Roger Corman's Latest 'Sharktopus Vs. Mermantula' Wraps Production

In 2013, "Sharknado" created a mass media frenzy, becoming a pop-cult classic. How can the SyFy network possibly top themselves? By sucking viewers into their tentacles and bringing back the one and only, Sharktopus!

Airing in 2010, "Sharktopus" centered around a half-shark/half-octupus that had been genetically created for military use. Naturally, it escapes to Mexico (it's always Mexico) and wreaks havoc. Dr. Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts), is responsible for creating the Sharktopus and, along with his daughter, must stop the creature before it's too late.

This time, however, it isn't man versus Sharktopus. No, this time it's "Sharktopus Vs. Mermantula" ... a creature chosen by an online poll.

While there had been some debate over the plot, producer Roger Corman, took to Twitter, where he linked to an article via The Slanted, stating that their plot synopsis was correct.

Catherine Oxenberg ("Lair of the White Worm") stars as a mad scientist who is hell bent on creating the perfect man. Her experiments on a has-been baseball player turn him into a grotesque creature that is half-man half-tarantula, or Mermantula. While these scientifically unsound shenanigans are going on, the titular Sharktopus returns to the Caribbean for some good old fashioned beast-creature fun. However, a local crime boss tasks Ray (Casper Van Dien), the friendly neighborhood drunk, with the probably fatal job of collecting pieces of the Sharktopus for his vile and odious voodoo rituals.

Shooting has just wrapped on SvM, but a release date has yet to be announced. For now you can venture over to YouTube channel, Corman's Drive-In to catch some sneak peeks!

-Nowal Massari