Parafest 2013 Announces 'Friday (Before) The 13th' Party

Planning on going to Parafest 2013 on September 6-8 at the Bethlehem Sands Event Center for  scary good time? Well, now you should prep for an extra terrifyingly awesome time.

In a Paranormal Pop Culture exclusive, Parafest announced today its 'Friday (Before) the 13th Party' taking place on Friday, September 6 at 10 p.m. at the event center's Visions Bar. Because you demanded another fan party for the convention, in addition to Saturday's Undead Celeb Party, Parafest is preying on your superstitions and fears an entire week before the unluckiest day of the year.

That's right, one week before Friday the 13th, Parafest fans are invited to show up as their favorite horror movie slasher or victim, or even as their most feared superstition. 

And to add to the excitement, this particular fete of phobias, this soiree will be hosted by Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Straight from Camp Crystal Lake and Elm Street (well, maybe they stopped along the way to sley some promiscuous teens), two of the movies best maniacs will party it up until the night is dead. Also on hand will be make-up experts to help you find that perfect scare. 

And the best part? The Friday (Before) the 13th Party, along with the Undead Celeb Party, is open to the public.

(Parafest has asked us to stipulate for legal purposes that the party is in no way affiliated with the "Friday (Before) the 13th" or "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchises, and that the Freddy and Jason impersonators are provided by The Twitch Twitch Productions. So, no, you won't actually be hunted by a maniac with a razor-clawed glove at this event.)

-Aaron Sagers