'The Unexplained Files' Explores the World of the Mysterious

The Science Channel is delving into the world of the weird with new show "The Unexplained Files." The show explores some bizarre and mysterious cases, from UFOs to unidentified creatures, and man of the most scientifically perplexing legends from around the world.

The premiere episode, which aired on August 28, featured the story of pilot Fred Valentich and his airplane suddenly disappearing from existence in 1978 after a cryptic message stating "It's above me and it's not an aircraft." The message was followed by an unexplained metallic sound. After the first airing of the message, they followed up with an expose on "Texas Blue Dogs;" mysterious, hunch-backed creatures that are known for mutilating livestock. They've been photographed, and locals fear that their breeding is about to cause a population explosion.

The next episode will showcase the grisly occurrence of livestock mutilation. With reports reaching as far back as 19th century Britain and as recent as 2012, livestock mutilation is when animals are horrifically mutilated and murdered, sometimes with surgical precision.

They will also explore the "curse" of the ice mummy. Discovered in September 1991 in the Alps, when an unsuspecting couple stumbled upon a perfectly preserved body, scientists discovered it to be one of the oldest preserved specimens. He was dubbed "the Iceman" and has given great insight into the history of man. However, many of the people involved in uncovering the Iceman mysteriously died, leading some to believe that the remains are cursed.

You can watch the next episode of "The Unexplained Files" on September 4, at 9 p.m. ET on the Science Channel.

-Nowal Massari