Reflections on the 'True Blood' Season Finale


Well another season of HBO’s vamp drama series True Blood has come to an end and season finales always stir up a little controversy. This episode was no exception. I’m a big fan of the show and I’ve seen every episode so that makes me an expert, right? Maybe?

“Radioactive” was chock full of bad things ... meaning, good things. There was female empowerment as evidenced by Violet’s voracious appetite for Jason’s tongue but not letting him stick his other protrusion into her; high vamps wearing cheesy beach attire; and, oh yeah ... we caught a glimpse, albeit brief, of Little Eric. Give him a break, he was in the snow!

This full frontal shot prompted a fun piece over at, so check it out if you want a laugh.

Is Eric dead? Doubtful. I guarantee in Episode One of Season Seven, Pam will arrive and save him somehow. I hope. I like Eric although I’m partial to brunettes. Remember, this is an opinion piece.

This finale got me thinking about not only Season Five’s finale but also its story lines. I was not a fan of the fifth season but I really enjoyed this one. Bill’s transformation and struggles, although I wish he'd smile a little more; seeing Sarah Newlin’s crazy face again; and, getting to know Warlow and deciding if he was going to turn from Mr. Romance into Mr. Asshole. He did.

I’m not a fan of watching woman get smacked but it really drove the stake in that this guy is a jerk and Sookie finally made a good decision not to get tied to the Maypole. I’m kind of glad she ended up with Alcide in the end of the episode but they struck me as a little annoying. Even more annoying than Alcide's really bad wig at the beginning of the episode. Will Sookie go back to her “Danger Whore” ways next season? Probably.

I’m a bit confused about Hep V. It seemed to kill Nora in a fairly quick way but the sickly vamps who appeared at the end didn’t look or act like she acted. They were savage-looking and I mentioned in a tweet that they were “Zombie Vampires.” Or maybe I missed something about a disease mutation? The series has tackled just about every monster except zombies, so maybe this is their attempt at jumping on the bandwagon? Zombies are hot. I suppose they’ll get naked too?

Overall, I liked the episode. I liked the six month jump ahead. I’m intrigued about the new breed of vampires. I’m interested in if Nicole’s baby will be a shifter. I like that Arlene put the insurance policy to good use by investing in a restaurant business instead of just relaxing a little, I think. Mayor Sam? He’s a good guy but what I like about True Blood is how effed up Bon Temps can be.

Let me know what you thought of the season and finale. Are you excited that Season Seven is a go or should the series be buried?

Until next year, Truebies.