Shout! Factory Signs Deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment

Shout! Factory has had some of the biggest and best releases for the past decade now, so what are their plans for the future? Why, to continue doing what they do best, of course.

This means expanding on their already impressive catalogue by teaming up with ITV Studios Global Entertainment; one of the world’s leading international TV distribution, home entertainment, publishing, merchandising and licensing business.

Carol Lee, one of Shout! Factory’s founders, said, “ITVS GE’s catalogue boasts some internationally acclaimed films, and this deal with Shout! Factory will give U.S. and Canadian consumers the opportunity to view some of these cinematic classics across physical and digital platforms.”

This is incredible news, because now US and Canadian viewers will now be able to get their mitts on more than a handful of some of the best classics, such as Sophie’s Choice, On Golden Pond, The Eagle Has Landed, The Unicorn, The Tamarind Seed, Capricorn One, The Cassandra Crossing, Brief Encounter, Saturn 3, The Merchant of Venice, Voyage of the Damned and The Boys From Brazil… and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s to come.

At this moment, there are no release dates or artwork announced, but this news is hot off the presses and as you can imagine, there will be more to come and once it starts, it won’t stop! We’ll keep you covered along the way, so keep checking back!

-Andrew Peters