'X-Men' Sentinels revealed

We've hoped for it since the second X-Men film back in 2003, a whole decade, that everyone’s favorite, loveable mutant-hunting giant robots Sentinels would be making an appearance on the big screen. Actually, you can see the original designs on the X-Men 2 Bonus Features. You could also argue that they made their debut in X-Men: The Last Stand during the Danger Room simulation, but they were completely shrouded in fog and we only see a decapitated head.
But when it was officially announced the X-Men First Class sequel would be using the story arc “Days of the Future Past" -- wherein The Brotherhood assassinates a political leader, initiating ‘The Sentinel Program’ and causing an alternate future where mutants are hunted and placed in camps -- it we knew it would finally happen.

They've kept it under wraps for some time, but this past comic-con, Trask Industries finally revealed them and what can you say? They look awesome! Check out the Trask Industries website to see a timeline of how they shaped the future for the better without those pesky mutants, photographs of Sentinels during historical events and even a commercial showcasing all they have achieved from 1866 to 2020!

Then Future Past director Bryan Singer unveiled this image last week of him standing next to a big boy Sentinel. Yup, this looks promising indeed.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past hits theaters on May 22, 2014.

-Andrew Peters