'True Blood' recap: 'Life Matters'

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With only one more episode left of True Blood’s sixth season, “Life Matters” seemed to be about closure. Juxtaposed with a touching funeral for a friend was the brutal rescue of the vamps from their tortuous camp.

Let’s go into the light...

The episode picks up where it left off with Warlow weakened from Eric drinking his light-giving blood. Bill is upset but Sookie reminds him that Eric has Warlow’s blood in him so go find him. Sookie offers her blood to Warlow and revives him. She also reminds him that her promise to become his, still stands. Warlow heals Sookie's wounds and sends her off to Terry's funeral.

Eric arrives at the camp/Tru-Blood factory and slaughters the guards. Bill later sees Eric’s calling card and goes on a search for him. Eric releases all the vampires and really does quite a number on Dr. Overlark and leaves him to bleed out. Bill later squishes Overlark's head like a cockroach when he admits that he harmed Jessica.

The vamps start to torture the camp “counselors” like they did to them. It’s gleeful chaos but Sarah manages to escape. Eric finds weakened Jason in Gen Pop 001 and after healing him, uses him to find his way around. Jason and Sarah later meet in the sun.

Eric encounters Pam’s therapist, Finn, on the search for his friends. Eric learns that Finn doesn’t care how he dies because he’ll be happy. Why? Because he had sex with Pam in exchange for her release from solitary. Eric confirms this by ripping out his protective contact lenses and glamouring him. Eric then saves Finn for Pam to kill herself. He’s quite the giver! Pam later obliges.

Oh and then there’s screaming Ginger. Eric recognizes her scream and drags his former Fangtasia employee along. Not sure why; she’s just annoying and noisy. All the while Bill is searching for Eric and remembers how Warlow’s blood is flowing through his veins as well. Bill drank the blood too and therefore can save his friends.

Bible nut Sarah walks to the top of the tower and starts to open the ceiling onto the vamps below. They are all feeding on Bill so the light is not phasing them. All except Steve Newlin. He can’t get a good enough taste of Billith.

Eric enters the white holding room and reminds Steve that he always seems to be around when someone he cares about dies. He pushes Steve into the light and Steve goes splat. Best part of this scene? When he looks up at his crazy ex Sarah and proclaims, “I loved you ... Jason Stackhouse!” Jason is really lovable.

The newly light-safe vamps are reveling in their ability to enjoy the sun, but Bill is obviously “drained” and starts to see Lilith’s minions. During the frolicking, Jessica stops and heads in with James to help Bill. She sees him failing and James urges her to give some of the powerful blood that’s in them, back to Bill. It works and he emerges fine.

Jason remembers that Sarah is still loose and chases after her. She grabs a gun but he retrieves it from her. He threatens her life and she begs. There's some tense and funny references to Jesus, also known as Big J. He tells her Jesus wants her to die and that she's an average lay. He eventually just lets her go because he doesn’t want any more blood on his hands. As detestable as she is, she’s a fun character to watch. Hmmmm ... what crazy stunt will she pull next?

After a major Tru-Blood smash fest and a quick scene showing Tru-Blood being stolen by vamps in Honolulu, we watch Pam beg Eric not to leave her again. He shoots up into the sky, leaving Pam dejected once again. Maybe he just needed a little time to chill after such a rough day?

Rest In Peace
Terry Bellefleur’s funeral was a reunion of friends and family and a walk down memory lane that probably brought a tear to your eye. We witnessed just how messed up Terry was when he came back from fighting as a marine in the war and how his friends and family helped him recover.

Reverend Daniels (Tara’s step-dad) presided at Arlene’s request and Terry’s racist grandmother delivered some cringe-worthy lines and some comic relief from the sad occasion. We also learned from Mrs. Fortenberry that Hoyt is doing well and even has a girlfriend. She’s ugly but at least she’s not a red-headed vamp, so ... that’s nice?

Reverend Daniels revealed that to Terry, family was everything. We also learned that Terry enjoyed Raging Bitch IPA, that Sam was kind enough to offer Terry a job as a cook when he was in such an unstable state, and that Lafayette looked straight into his soul and helped him succeed at being a sassy french fryer.

Thanks to Sookie’s touching speech, we learned that she read Terry’s thoughts about Arlene and that he thought she was the “Prettiest woman I ever saw.” and Sookie tells Arlene that “He loved you since the second you walked into his life.” Sookie wins the prize in this episode.

A flashback to the birth of their son Mikey proves that to Arlene, Terry was her rock and gave her strength. But as if the tears weren’t flowing hard and fast already, as Rev. Daniels wraps things up, Terry’s co-worker, Big John wants to say something. He sings a song called “Life Matters” and I’m pretty sure during this scene the actors were shedding real tears.

Terry receives full military honors and, according to Arlene’s thoughts, the gun salute wasn’t so bad and it didn’t feel like the lie she thought it would. This comforts Sookie who is in turn, being comforted by hunky, manly smelling Alcide. What’s going on with these two?

Can you believe next Sunday is the season finale already? What did you think of this episode and the season as a whole? What do you thing will be the cliffhanger next week?

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