BBC America Unveils 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Special Poster

BBC America unveiled a key piece of art, and the title, of the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.

Airing Saturday, Nov. 23, the 75-minute special will be called "The Day Of The Doctor" and will, as we previously knew, current Doctor Matt Smith, current companion Jenna Coleman, former Doctor David Tennant and former companion Billie Piper (returning to the franchise for the first time since 2010). Of course, it will also star John Hurt as an incarnation of our favorite Time Lord.

The image released today with the title is dominated by Smith and Tennant, back-to-back, with a smaller version of Hurt emerging from an explosion between them. But it's Hurt, and what's behind him, that catches the eye. Hurt is striding away from obliterated Daleks (casualties of the Time Wars?), and what appears to be wreckage from the TARDIS. Also, the words "Bad Wolf" are spray painted on a wall to Hurt's left -- which of course calls to mind the entity that inhabited Rose Tyler (Piper) in Season One of the revived "Who" series, and was the sign spread throughout time and space, and foretold the end of the universe.

Gallifreyan language appears in the background of the explosive element, and I could be reading way too much into this, but it looks like Hurt is wearing Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor leather jacket. And does Hurt's shark-fin faux-hawk hair remind you of Tennant's old 'do? What clue do I not see? Any mention of Peter Capaldi, who will be taking over for Smith in the Christmas Special. Smith announced his departure earlier in the summer, and there's a rumor that Capaldi might pop up in the 50th special.

Anyhow, let the speculation begin, but in a press release, Smith promised, "There’s lots more coming your way, as the countdown to the 50th begins now.”

As an added bonus, "The Day Of The Doctor" (and Doctors) premiers Nov. 23, just a few days before Thanksgiving, so you'll have a lot to talk about with your relatives to avoid conversations about religion, politics and football.

-Aaron Sagers