'Face Off' recap: 'Mother Earth Goddess'

Courtesy: Syfy

Beauty was key in the newest episode of “Face Off.” After last week’s attempts at making a terrifying creature, this week had the eleven remaining artists creating a beautiful and original Mother Nature goddess.

The contestants received the details of the Spotlight Challenge and gained inspiration for their designs, at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Since there is always a twist, they needed to incorporate a personal element into their creation. Their goddess must contain a feature that reminds them of their own mother.

The artists really seemed thrilled about this challenge and got to work right away... except for Frank. The last year has been hard for him and his mom due to the passing of his father from Parkinson’s. He struggled with this challenge but pulled through to safety at the end.

Last season’s winner, J. Anthony Kosar, popped in for a little advice giving. He encouraged them to bring out their design’s feminine features and make her soft and beautiful. Most of them listened.
Eddie found inspiration in the rose garden and used thorns to represent his mom’s strength. Ouch? Laura’s mom loves music and she used a trumpet flower design to capture her essence. Roy’s mom has a green thumb and can grow anything so his design went from roots to tip. R.J. lamented that he already did a Mother Earth design in the Season Two finale and wanted to be different. Big mistake. Overall, the designs were unique and beautiful and very touching to get a glimpse into the family life of these talented folks.

Lab Work
There wasn’t a lot of drama or strife this week. Frank did struggle with his design but knew that he needed to focus on the competition and make his mom proud. Tate broke Laney’s head mold but everything worked out in the end. It always does, doesn’t it? Life lessons from “Face Off!”

Scott was motivated to do a kick ass job so he wouldn’t end up in the bottom this week. Sorry, Scott. Lyma had a great idea of making her design pregnant and even though the bunny she added looked like a stuffed toy (because it was), it worked out beautifully. During last looks, Laney’s model got ill and left. She did manage to return for the judging but Laney wanted to add more glitter. Oh well?

Roy was also determined to not end up where he was last week and he really stepped things up with his creation. I have to add that I had the pleasure of meeting Roy this past weekend, and he was a great guy and a terrific sport. Okay, name dropped...moving on.

Judgement Day
It was kind of nice to see so much beauty on the stage at the Reveal. It’s usually filled with some scary designs, so this was a fresh twist. Three of the designs were a bit odd and landed the guys in the bottom three.

Eddie’s more “natural” goddess looked a bit masculine and well, freaked me out a bit. Scott’s very red goddess had a funky chest piece that looked like it was flayed open in a horrific way. And oh R.J., what can I say? His 1960’s Avon Lady was just odd and ended up getting him eliminated. The judges were actually very harsh on R.J. and berated him for dismissing the challenge. I believe the word “contempt” was used at one point.

The top looks included Roy’s amazing goddess that contained roots that represented his mom being the root of the family. Even though the color gray was used throughout, it was stunningly beautiful and effective. Lyma’s pregnant goddess really dazzled the judges and they loved the use of the rabbit to represent fertility. This choice really could have gone either way.

The design that really blew the judges away was Laura’s. Their reactions let the audience know that they’d be choosing her as the winner. The words “stunning” and “amazing” were used and Neville wanted to get this image and use it in the future. Kudos to Laura on an amazing design in this individual challenge!

Next week it looks like we’re back to getting scary when Halloween comes early! Watch “Trick or Treat” next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.