Rare 'WNUF Halloween Special' To Be Released On Limited VHS

Back in 1987, local news personality Frank Stewart, along with a team of paranormal researchers and a Catholic exorcist, set out to prove live on-air that the infamous Webber House was in fact haunted. Not only haunted, but possessed by a dark, demonic being. The evidence they captured that night was deemed to shocking for television and it was never replayed on air.

Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve definitely heard about this. Some of us were just kids and our parents wouldn’t let us watch it. You would hear them talk about it, though and how terrifying it truly was. Keep in mind this was long before the days of YouTube, so something like this was shocking and unheard of. The tapes were supposedly destroyed, but after 26 years, the footage has been found and will be released on VHS to limited edition of 300 copies.

According to Alternative Cinema, which is selling the VHS, this was "taped off of WNUF TV-28 on Halloween Night, 1987, this strange broadcast follows local news personality Frank Stewart and a team of paranormal researchers as they set out to prove that the abandoned Webber House – the site of ghastly murders – is actually haunted through a fascinating live on-air program featuring shocking EVP recordings and one-of-a-kind Call-In seance."

Also, the VHS features the full program, including the original commercials "that ran during the notorious broadcast." The "WNUF Halloween Special VHS" is a limited edition release of 300 copies, available exclusively through alternativecinema.com.

Check out the trailer to remind you of that night 26 years ago.

-Andrew Peters