What Does New 'Supernatural' Art Reveal?

With a new poster revealed, it looks as if the CW's "Supernatural" will be returning with a hell-fire intensity on Oct. 8.

Last we saw the brothers Winchester, they failed to close the gates of Hell and must now face the consequences. Castiel has been stripped of his angelic powers by Metatron during a ritual that forced all the angels out of heaven, however a new (and sexy) angel will be wandering around. That rascally Sam Winchester could be facing death, yet again, and the ruler of the underworld himself is locked up in the trunk of Dean's trusty Impala.

The new artwork sets an ominous tone for the upcoming season 9, or as fans have dubbed it "Season Divine." The brothers stand in the front of a familiar church, looking rather serious. With his hands in the pockets of his ubiquitous trench coat, Castiel appears understandably upset. Then there's Crowley, lurking in the background with a devilishly sly look upon his face. Everything surrounding them is bleak and grey, however, the sky appears to be raining fire. Whatever that means, it can't be good. And you have to love the tagline "Prepare For The Fall" (wordplay!).

You can catch the season premier of "Supernatural" on the CW Tuesday October 8 and 9/8 central. Take a look at the poster (courtesy MTV Geek) and be sure to let us know what you think!