'Died in House' Site Will Reveal Your Home's Past

For those who have an interest in the paranormal, or even those who are about to purchase a new home, Diedinhouse.com will provide a history on any house! However, this website is far from free. A single search will run you $11.99, while multiple searches will run you from $34.50 for three searches all the way up to $269.70 for thirty searches.

Founded in 2013 by a Chapin, SC software development company, Died in House wants you to be informed, as not all states require realtors to disclose information pertaining to deaths in the home. According to their disclaimer, regarding paranormal activity; "Information contained on any DIH web site or application provides no representation as to the presence of any ghost, haunting or any other paranormal activity; or the nature of any such future activities." Basically, they're not guaranteeing anything, though the forum on their site has quite a few paranormal related threads.

All of the information about your home is easily accessible as it's all public record, which the folks at DIH readily admit. What do you fine folks think about this? Worth the money or do the legwork yourself to find out if anyone has died in your home?

-Nowal Massari