'Face Off' recap: 'Dark Magic'

Courtesy: Syfy

Five talented artists remained to take on a dark challenge in this episode of “Face Off.” Unfortunately, one just couldn’t handle the pressure and overwhelming homesickness won. This lead to an interesting ending and two very relieved contestants who ended up in the bottom looks.

McKenzie greeted Roy, Laney, Tate, Miranda and Laura at Kenneth Hahn Park to reveal the details of their newest Spotlight Challenge. Standing in front of large stones adorned with symbols, she described the significance of runes in Norse mythology and how the Vikings believed they would inspire them and give strength when in battle.

Their challenge was to choose a Norse rune and create a dark elf warrior that embodies the symbol’s attributes. Instead of telling the artists beforehand what the runes meant, their meanings were revealed after they picked the symbol.

Here are the selections: Laura (Perthro/occult abilities); Laney (Eihwaz/immortality); Roy (Laguz/psychic powers); Tate (Berkano/regeneration); and, Miranda (Thurisaz/chaos).

During the Design Phase, the artists sketched and planned out their elves. Miranda had already created two dark elves in previous challenges so she was concerned about designing something new. Laney was struggling and looked really sad. She revealed that she just wasn’t into the challenge even though she loved her sketch.

Lab Work
The sculpting phase was going along as usual ... lots of clay being slapped on their selected models. Roy was making his elf have a large head because of the psychic powers it holds. Laura was thrilled with the challenge because of her vast knowledge of elves but therefore worried because of the pressure to create an amazing design. Tate was working on how to make the flesh burnt and therefore representative of regeneration.

Roy was a bit concerned because he wasn’t sure about how an elf should look and Laura stepped in and gave him some schooling on the creatures. Then, they noticed that Laney was missing. She was just not into this challenge and clearly was breaking down.

Tate went to find her in the bathroom and she said she just wanted to be left alone. LEAVE LANEY ALONE! Roy eventually went in and told her that she’s come too far to give up now. She came out and seemed a bit better and got back to work on her design.

Michael Westmore did his walk through and doled out his advice which mostly dealt with painting the creations in a way that their features would read well. Laura was concerned hers may look too traditional. She would use the second day to amp up her design.

On the morning of Day Two, Laura found a note sitting on the kitchen table. It was from Laney who decided to leave to competition due to being homesick. This would make the challenge a lot more interesting. Roy pretty much said that it’s not his problem and his goal is to win. They head to the lab and move forward.

Everyone but Miranda had their acts together in this challenge. Miranda just didn’t manage her time wisely and ended up not being able to finish her makeup. When her model arrived, she basically put him to work. She was practically in tears for this episode. Oh us gals and our drama!

The four looks walked out onto the stage and yes, Miranda’s looked like a hot mess. She knew it too. Her “Chaos” was indeed that, and she said she was disgusted with herself for her “disaster on so many levels.” She did end up in the bottom looks with Roy.

The problem with Roy’s dark elf was that it just wasn’t ... an elf. The head caused overall disproportion and, despite having a decent paint job, it strayed too far from the challenge’s requirements.

Laura’s elf was beautiful and the paint job was flawless. The runes on the armor did a great job reflecting the demands of the challenge and her thought process was spot on. Tate’s elf was painted superbly as well and the judges loved how the helmet melded into the face. It was a very successful makeup and it lead Tate to win his third challenge.

Despite Miranda’s disaster and Roy not really meeting the challenge’s requirements, Laney’s departure kept them both safe. They were obviously both relived to get second chances but the judges demanded that they work extra hard next week. Do you think the judges were right in letting them move on? I do.

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