'Grimm' recap: 'The Ungrateful Dead'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “But if I stand at the sick person's feet, he is mine.”

What better way to start off Season Three of "Grimm" than right where they left off? Of course, that means ZOMBIES! We start off with a brief refresher from last season. Creepy Voodoo Baron has been running around spitting on people and turning them into zombies. This is just a distraction to draw Nick into a trap for Eric, the evil half-brother of Capt. Renard.

Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, and Nick end up chasing the Baron into the container yard where they are set upon by crazed zombies. Nick gets separated from the group and soon finds himself alone with Baron Creepy, who does what creepy people do, and spits on him. Nick promptly falls into a zombifying sleep in a coffin set to whisk him off to a castle in Europe. One presumes this isn't for a party. At least not one Nick will enjoy.

The rest of the gang jumps in the truck and inadvertently play a little GTA, running over zombie people. They are eventually forced from the vehicle when Monroe crashes into a pothole, and makes their last stand atop the shipping containers stacked around them. Juliette manages to stop kicking zombies long enough to call Hank and Wu in for reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Renard has tracked his brother to the other side of the facility. He's too late to rescue Nick, but he does get to wrestle with some zombies as well. Personally, I think the zombies just heard about last season's Shirtless Rage scene and wanted in on the action. Maybe that's just me. Wu and friends proceed to round up zombies and shove them in one of the containers. While Renard and Hank go after Eric, Monroe and the ladies head off to make more zombie curing potion.

At The Spice Shop, Monroe gets himself all worked up wanting to head off to Austria to save Nick. He's preparing to call in reinforcements when Rosalee realizes she can turn the cure into a vapor that they can lob at the trapped zombies just like a molotov cocktail. Juliette enthusiastically endorses this plan. Frankly, I was disappointed. I really wanted Monroe to call in the Ice Beaver Mafia and storm a castle. What? It could happen.

Fortunately for the Ice Beavers they aren't needed, as Zombie Nick wakes up on the plane pretty angry. He appears to react a little differently to the zombie goo than normal people. He breaks out of his coffin and starts beating on the Baron. This also sort of makes the plane crash. Note to self, zombies on a plane are not a good idea. But the good news is that the Baron dies.

The next best part, is that Zombie Nick goes into a bar called the Tippy Canoe. Seriously, I think Zombie Nick knows how to have more fun than Grimm Nick. He beats up a few bikers and then runs off just as Hank and Renard arrive. Interestingly, Renard had called his contact in Europe and called for some mysterious action to be taken against his brother because he had taken a Grimm. One presumes this won't happen now, since Zombie Nick is currently wandering around the suburbs of Portland where he seems to be hearing things he shouldn't be able to hear. This would seem to imply that he may emerge from this experience with some heightened Grimmtastic powers. Sadly, we'll have to wait until next week to find out more.

Did you think I forgot about Adalind? Never, she's a hexenbeist after my own heart you know. Fortunately, she settled for Frau Perch's heart at the end of last season. She and the Gypsy Queen continue with their nefarious plan to return Adalind's powers. This requires Adalind to get her hands very dirty. She has to cut off the hands and feet of Frau Perch and then gouge out her eyes. At least the Frau was already dead before they started this part.

They then head out to a very pretty field of flowers, where Adalind has to bury the pieces. Her spade is humorously shaped like a hand on a stick. We all know how Adalind doesn't really like to get dirty. She reluctantly squats down to commence digging a hole for Frau Perch's pieces. As she stands ready for some sort of judgment, her offering is accepted as all the flowers surrounding the small group die and shrivel up. Then a ghostly form rises from the hole she just dug and giggling, flies around her. But this isn't the end of her quest, now she has to gather all of the dead flowers.

Looking around her at the large field, she appears quite dismayed. Maybe she'll be done by next week's episode, it was a pretty big field. By the way, the flowers appear to be red poppies, which often symbolize death and may be a reference to the quote above from “Godfather Death” by The Brothers Grimm.

The next episode of Grimm, “PTZD” airs Friday, Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.