'Walking Dead' recap: 'Isolation'

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In the opener, they show Patrick’s glasses. Wouldn’t they be cracked and impossibly bloody? Or did they haul them over to the nearest LensCrafters and get them fixed?

Tyreese is pissed off about them killing and burning his woman. Rightfully so. I don’t even think that he got to stick it in yet. He tells Rick that he’s a cop and should be able to figure out who did this. Well, Ty, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but regular laws haven’t been in place for a while now. Rick doesn’t appreciate how crazy Ty is acting, so he tries to talk him down. Ty decides to punch Rick’s face in which makes Rick go Hulk crazy. Daryl has to pull Rick off of Ty before he completely bashes in his face. Needless to say, things are a little tense, and we have no idea who killed Karen and David.

Sasha is coughing and hacking. If they kill and incinerate Ty’s sister, I don’t want to even see what type of hell that he brings on that prison.

At the council meeting, Herschel, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne discuss how they are going to control the illness. The plan is for Daryl and Michonne to make a run to a local college and look for some antibiotics. I hate to be a negative Nelly, but they’re going to need something stronger than antibiotics for whatever is killing off these people.

Rick and Ty have a heart-to-heart and make up about the fight earlier in the day. Ty is still pressing on Rick to find out who killed Karen and David. I’m pointing fingers at Carol, but I could be wrong.

Damn it! Now Glenn is sick.

Daryl and Michonne try to find someone to go on the run with them, but there’s pretty slim pickings around the camp these days.

Carol is acting as the Grim Reaper and ushering people off to their deaths. Creepy Lizzy does the worst fake cough ever and wants Carol to tuck her in. Carol looks at her like, “Child, please, do you know what all I have survived?” and then pawns her off on Glenn who is in the death chamber...er, sick bay.

Carl discovers that Herschel is heading out to the woods to do some foraging and tells Herschel that he has to accompany him. Herschel notices that Carl is carrying his gun again. Some walkers come up on them as they are discussing Carl’s newfound maturity, and Herschel tells Carl not to bother shooting them.

Ty goes to talk to sad and sickly Sasha. Sasha looks rough--just rough enough to convince Ty that he needs to go on the medicine run with Daryl, Michonne, and Bob (the new guy). He confronts Carol about looking in on Sasha, and now I am truly convinced that she’s the one that killed and burnt Karen and David.

Herschel decides that he’s going in to help the sick with the elderberries that he collected when he and Carl headed out into the woods. Maggie isn’t happy about this, but Herschel reminds her that Glenn is in there. I guess that changes her tune a little. Maggie starts to tell Beth what Herschel has done, but Beth knows before Maggie ever has to tell her. She says she understands that they all have jobs to do.

Carol goes to the dock to fix the water situation and almost gets attacked by walkers. Am I the only one that noticed her giant hooters flopping while she was running? Surely not.

As they go on the run, they realize that the road is infested with walkers. There are too many for them to drive past, so they have to get out of the car and run. Daryl and Michonne start chopping up walkers as soon as they hit the dirt. Bob is a little slower, but finally gets motivated. Ty sits in the car an extra long time. Death wish? He finally gets out, but it looks like he’s been taken over by zombies when Daryl, Michonne, and Bob look back. Is he going to make it out alive? Of course because Daryl saves the day!

Rick’s intense one question leads him to believe that Carol killed Karen and David. Well, that was a tough investigation.

Smaller bites:
-How precious is Herschel for taking care of Glenn?
-How are Daryl, Michonne, Ty, and Bob going to get out of that mess?
-Lizzy freaks and creeps me out more than Marilyn Manson.
-Does Ty have a death wish, or is he about to snap?
-Will the medicine help everyone?

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