'Wolfify' App Lets You Channel Your Inner Werewolf

Loving my new look!
The full moon is October 18 so we wanted to prepare you with a cool new app that’s launching today! Have you ever wondered how you’d look as a werewolf? Then you have to check out the Wolfify app that’s available today in the Apple iTunes store.

Developed by Apptly, the Wolfify app allows you to transform yourself, friends, kids or pets into either a “She-Wolf” and “He-Wolf.” But it’s not just a picture, it’s animated! You’ll snarl and snap and even blink and look around. It’s even interactive! If you touch certain places on your face, it responds.

It also has a built-in lunar phase tracker, “Since werewolves become stronger with age, the Wolfify effects actually mature over time; growing larger fangs, more facial hair, and intensified battle scars as they age from Cub to Patriarch. Wolfify even tracks the lunar phase and culminates in a spectacular wolf transformation that's available only during the full moon each month.”

For just .99 cents, this app is perfect for Halloween and we’d love you to share your Wolfify photos with us! I had a blast playing with it.

-Larissa Mrykalo