Ke$ha Admits to Having a Haunted Nether Region

Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live
Singer-songwriter Ke$ha sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday to talk about the new season of MTV's "My Crazy, Beautiful Life." Known for being a little out there, she definitely held that reputation when she revealed that her vagina is haunted.

"It's a problem. I know it sounds ridiculous but in all honesty, I believe in all this crazy stuff. So I was told I had dead people in me so I called my hypnotherapist. So then she said she had to exorcise my body and then I got a ghost meter to read it, and it just beeped, just at my vagina. It seemed to be accurate because I have been going through a dry spell and it was like beeping around and it all makes sense now."

Apparently, vagina hauntings aren't that uncommon. This past August, a man in China was arrested after he claimed that he could exorcise the spirits from a young woman's vagina with his penis. Now, you would think that she would have called the police right then, but no. He was arrested after charging the young lady over $3000 to perform the "sexorcism."

This isn't the first paranormal story that the glitter-queen herself has brought up, either. Last year when speaking with Ryan Seacrest, she revealed that she's had multiple sexual encounters with spirits. In fact, her song "Supernatural" was inspired by them. She doesn't know the spirit's name, but she doesn't seem to mind, adding that she's "very open" to being a spectre-sexual.

If you're interested in seeing Ke$ha have the netherworld exorcised from her nether region, tune in to the season premier of MTV's "My Crazy, Beautiful Life" on October 30 at 10:30 p.m. If that's not your thing, check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's pretty hilarious.

-Nowal Massari