'X-Files' New York Comic Con Recap

Photo courtesy DuchovnyCentral
After their blockbuster appearance at San Diego Comic-Con last July, the 20th anniversary tour of "The X-Files" continued at New York Comic Con last Sunday. Stars David Duchovny (Agent Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Agent Scully) once again took the stage to discuss their time on the show and possibly another movie.

The panel began with the attendees singing happy birthday to showrunner (not in attendance) Chris Carter while Duchovny recorded it on his phone (check out our own Aaron Sagers' video of it here)

The topics discussed ranged from the actors not realizing how big the show would become, Dana Scully making science cool for girls, the fact that they've never read the "Season 10" comics, to the most awkward things they had to film, which involved climbing out of a slimy dirt hole and bees. When the panel host asked about their current projects ("Californication" for Duchovny and "Hannibal" for Anderson), Duchovny cut the moderator off and told him that the audience just wanted to talk about the "X-Files."

Getting back on track, the duo talked about researching their roles as FBI agents when they first began filming. Anderson said she tried to look up all the "big words" at first, but gave up and just acted. Duchovny on the other hand didn't bother with research, considering their characters never played by the rules anyway!

A lot of fans wondered why Chris Carter left the series so open-ended, and Duchovny explained that Carter had always intended to continue the series through films. Following that statement, the most anticipated portion of the panel was brought up; new "X-Files" projects. Currently, there are none in the works, but Duchovny, Anderson and Chris Carter are all on board for another film. The stars said that they would both like to see the alien conspiracy return for a new movie. While their interest in continuing the franchise is no secret, it's exciting to hear that they're still invested in the series, however it's up to 20th Century Fox to bring it to life.

Of course the Mulder/Scully romance was discussed. Anderson said that she's happy that they waited so long into the series to establish the romance, while Duchovny admitted that he didn't understand it at the time, because they just had a natural chemistry. Though, he "gets it" now. With all the talk of romance, one audience member got up to ask a question, however in a surprise twist, he proposed to his lady-love! She said yes and they are escorted to the stage for pictures and well wishes from Duchovny and Anderson, while "Going to the Chapel" plays.

A sweet end to a great panel. Were you in attendance? Or if you weren't able to attend, what do you think about a third "X-Files" installment? Let us know what you think!

-Nowal Massari