'Annabelle' Doll to Get Her Own Spin-Off Film

The REAL Annabelle with Lorraine Warren
Courtesy FEARnet
It looks like that super unpleasant doll from this summer’s horror hit, “The Conjuring,” will be getting her own film. The scariest part of this story is that it’s based on a real doll (but not a Real Doll) and its terrifying tale.

Various entertainment outlets seem to be getting their info from schmoesknow.com with their report that the spin-off is coming from New Line and Warner Bros. and that Director of Photography for “The Conjuring,” John R. Leonetti will direct. Their sources say the movie will begin filming in Spring of 2014.

However, our own anonymous source tells us a script already exists that was written with Lorraine Warren’s blessing, and which is now in rewrites. Details have not been released but we'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, for more history on Annabelle, check out our interview w/ Lorraine Warren's nephew (and, of course, "Haunted Collector" host) John Zaffis, who shares his own stories about the doll.

-Larissa Mrykalo