'Grimm' Recap: 'A Dish Best Served Cold'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “Tis Death's Park, where he breeds life to feed him. Cries of pain are music for his banquet.”

It's Pigs vs. Wolves tonight, folks! It's not looking good for the Wolves though. While Nick is obsessing over his zombie induced crimes, some Blutbads (wolves) end up in trees with their bellies ruptured out. Turns out both victims patronized the restaurant Raven and Roe's.

It turns out all of the staff at this particular establishment are Wesen of the Bauerschwein variety. Or piggies, for people like me. In case you missed previous seasons, the two do not like each other, at all. When Nick describes the deaths to her, Juliette helpfully demonstrates some veterinary knowledge of bloat in dogs that might explain them. That's divulging confidential information on an active police investigation isn't it? Nevermind, it has the desired effect of kickstarting a few wheels in Nicks scruffy-faced head. Fortunately, work gets put on hold while he heads over to Monroe's to move out his things.

You see, Monroe asked Rosalee to move in with him over a romantic dinner. She accepted and now Nick gets to move back in with Juliette. He is treated to a surprise party when she sends him off to move his things. They get another surprise when Monroe gets a call about a missing friend. This friend is also a Blutbad, and ate at the same restaurant as Monroe and Rosalee. You guessed it. They ate at Raven and Roe's.

It doesn't take long for the crew to figure out that it was the restaurant's complimentary meat and truffle tartlets that is killing all of the wolves in town. Thankfully Monroe is a vegetarian and didn't eat them. Rosalee figures out that it is a particular mushroom that makes the victims climb trees and then their bellies explode. It's similar to the one that infects carpenter ants. It's called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, if you want to look it up.

They track down Monroe's friend. Unfortunately Sam has progressed to the point that he is already up a tree howling in pain. He explodes just as they arrive. Monroe doesn't take this very well and threatens great violence upon the pigs of the world, or at least Portland. Nick assures him that he will handle the situation and heads off to confront the chef. It doesn't take long for the mean little piggy to realize that Nick is a Grimm, and gleefully grunts out his evil plan.

Nick, still feeling conflicted about how to handle the situation, goes home to confide in Juliette. Juliette is against the use of violence, of course. As Nick passionately argues that if he doesn't, Monroe will and then he will go to jail. None of us want to see Monroe go to jail, do we?

During this argument, Nick starts to get his pasty zombie face, but Juliette snaps him out of it. Monroe soon shows up demanding that something be done about all these pigs everywhere. When Nick tries to calm him down, he gets all red-eyed and runs off ranting that he will take care of it himself. Nick chases after him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Piggy the Chef is at his restaurant. He packs up his magic mushrooms and leaves, but soon realizes he is being followed. It's Monroe and his Blutbad buds come to exact revenge for their fallen friends. They chase him into an alley and quickly surround him. Just as Monroe moves in for the kill, Nick and Hank arrive to save the cowardly pig from the stalking wolves. Monroe and Nick scuffle and when Monroe refuses to back down, Nick shoots him.

Astonished, Hank walks over to the fallen Blutbad and touches the blood welling up from the wound. As the advancing wolves growl and circle, the piggy chef begins to panic, begging Nick to save him. Nick demands that he confess to the murders first and the little piggy reluctantly agrees. Nick throws him in the car and they drive away as Monroe smirks on the ground. You didn't really think Nick would shoot Monroe did you? I didn't think so. Renard sums it up nicely with “This little piggy goes to jail.”

We only get a brief glimpse of Adalind this episode. Renard is concerned by who Frau Perch will try to sell Adalind's baby to now that Eric is dead. He sends his informant friend to search her out. He is unsuccessful of course, but he does find a cryptic address in a notebook at her home. It turns out to be Adalind's apartment. Oblivious to having been discovered, she sits inside replaying a video of the explosion that killed Eric as a bloody tear slides down her face.

The next episode of "Grimm," “One Night Stand” airs on Friday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.