Marvel Comics Features Ouija Board/Planchette Scene From 'The Stand'

Thanks to our good friend and Ouija historian, Bob Murch, for sharing this with us! To learn more about the history of talking boards, click on this link for his official web site.

This is what Bob shared:

In April of 2011 Marvel Comics did something the TV version of Stephen King’s "The Stand" couldn’t, it included a Ouija scene which appeared in the book but was mysteriously left out of the made for TV movie. Well, sorta. Though the 2011 comic book cover depicts a Ouija board, what’s actually used inside is a planchette or automatic writer. What’s the difference? Well, the planchette was invented c. 1850 about 36 years before the talking board was born and 40 years before Ouija got it’s name! What’s that you ask? "The planchette is just the pointy thing that spells out the messages on a Ouija board right?” Well it is mostly today, but since 1850 people used these automatic writers to “let the spirit move them” and write out messages from the beyond. “How does it work?” Well, instead of three felt feet like on today’s Ouija’s message indicator the original planchette had two castor wheels and where the third leg would be there was a hole where you could slip in a pencil. Place your hand on the planchette and Boom! Spirit writing.

Now, I clearly didn’t scratch the surface and certainly didn't do justice to this important Ouija precursor, but luckily one of my best friends did at FYI Brandon Hodge is the “Planchette Man” who has the largest collection of them in the world and spent a whole lotta time researching them. If you all love Ouija as much as I do then let your fingers do the walking and take a stroll down memory lane, learn all about planchettes and other spirit communication devices, and tell Brandon we sent you! Don’t forget to “Like his Facebook page at Brandon"

-Larissa Mrykalo