Ugly Christmas Sweater Inspired by 'The Shining' is Perfect for Gift Giving!

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not a thing of the past. They're actually quite trendy and people have Ugly Sweater parties! No, seriously. Now we're not calling this awesome find, "ugly" but well...let's just send our gratitude to FEARnet for the heads up on this garment that's inspired by "The Shining."

Over at there's a Sweaterfest going on and they're offering this Steven Anderson-designed Torrance Winter sweater for $25 (the t-shirt is $11). Perfect for holiday gift giving and for not freezing while being chased by an ax-weilding maniac, the item not only features a stitched pic of the Overlook Hotel but also part of that iconic saying, "All work and no play..." It even includes that forbidden room number, 237.

They also offer other film-inspired designs such as "Harry Potter," so head over to check out these cool finds.

-Larissa Mrykalo