'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Indifference'


Little Lizzy freaks me out. Clearly she has some allegiance to the walkers. I think they should go ahead and get rid of her. Okay, that sounds heartless. Maybe they should go let her live on a farm somewhere. That little chat that Carol and Lizzy had is a foreshadowing that one of them is going to go, and Rick is disturbed by Carol killing Karen and David in cold blood. So ... I don’t know if that means that he’s going to off her or what. Maybe not. I like Carol although she did kill a couple of people.

Ty, Bob, Michonne and Daryl made it out alive after last week's zombie mob. Ty is acting a little weird. I don’t know if is because he’s freaked out after that whole “nearly getting eaten by walkers” thing, if he’s thinking about Sasha or Karen, or he’s just given up on the whole affair. Did you notice the gas sign that spelled hell?

As Ty goes crazy on the kudzu, he sets loose a bunch of walkers that are locked underneath in some sort of makeshift garage. Daryl and Michonne notice that he’s acting pretty kooky which almost gets him killed.

Rick confronts Carol about her butchering up Karen and David. I thought that he might drag her away from the prison and kill her, but he actually ends up saving her from a fallen walker in a house that they are scoping out. A man and a woman, Sam and Ana, come tumbling out of a bathroom. Rick always finds the creepiest people. What were they doing with that pajama'd walker?

Carol is just a regular killer/physician. Carol sets the creepy dude’s (Sam’s) dislocated arm back into socket. I know that they aren’t planning on taking in those two weirdos. Well, hell, Rick did wander out into the wilderness with "Beetlejuice" a few episodes ago. They allow the duo to go and help them gather supplies, and Rick even lets Sam take his watch.

Ty confronts Michonne about her hatred for the Governor. Ummm, well he was the biggest psycho that we’ve met thus far. Who can fault Michonne for wanting to hunt him down until he’s dead?

Bob finally confesses to Daryl that he feels guilty about Zach’s death. Daryl being Daryl tells him “that’s bullshit.” Yeah, BOB, we’re pretty sure your alcoholism is what caused the whole zombie apocalypse.

Carol asks Rick why he hasn’t said anything about her murderous tendencies. Her accent suddenly gets as thick as mine. Rick shrugs it off, but I am sure that he thinks it’s pretty shitty of her to kill them. I am sure we have all almost forgotten about Carol’s abusive husband. Season One throwback! As they reminisce and collect fruit, Ana is dinner for a couple of walkers. I guess that eliminates that problem, and Carol straight up does not give a damn about that poor girl. Carol’s hard, folks!

I think her reaction to Ana and her general demeanor have impressed on Rick in a bad way. I think he realizes that Carol isn’t the same frail woman that she was when he first met her, and that she no longer has a home with the rest of them.

Daryl and the gang end up running into a bunch of walkers while on the vet school run. How and why were so many people trapped in there? Isn’t vet school pretty exclusive? They barely escaped out of the school alive, and Bob nearly takes a tumble off of the roof. The walkers on the ground grab Bob’s bag, and he has the death grip on that thing. Turns out that he’s hiding some hooch in there. Daryl bows up at Bob. Man, I thought he was reformed after that whole moving story that he told Daryl about Zach. Stupid Bob!

Rick finally chimes up to Carol, and tells her that David and Karen could have lived. Rick tells Carol that he doesn’t really want her around his children anymore. Plus Ty would kill her anyway if he found out that she was the one that killed Karen. Rick tosses her to the curb like yesterday’s garbage. Bye Carol! I hope you don’t run into the Governor.

Smaller Bites:

  • What is going on with Sasha, Glenn, and the other sickies?
  • I wonder what Daryl is going to do when he realizes that Rick sent away his lover. Is he going to be cool with it, or is he going to flip out on Rick and go find Carol?
  • Is the gang ever going to get back to the prison with that damn medicine?
  • How is Carol going to fair out on her own? Do you guys think she’ll end up back with the group at some point, or is she zombie bait?

The next episode of "The Walking Dead," "Internment" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.