The Future of 'Indiana Jones' Now in the Hands of Disney

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According to an announcement made on Friday, December 6, Paramount Pictures and The Walt Disney Studios reached a marketing and distribution agreement regarding future “Indiana Jones” films. What does this mean? A few things. Two of George Lucas’ huge franchises (“Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”) are now property of Disney and even though Disney has owned the production rights since 2012 when they acquired LucasFilm, they now have the marketing and distribution rights for any future films as well.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “In return for the rights, Paramount will receive ‘financial participation on any future films.’ In other words, the studio will still get an undisclosed cut of the business. Paramount will retain distribution rights for the first four films in the series.”

There are no plans for Indy to return to the big screen any time soon nor do we know if Harrison Ford would reprise his iconic role. This acquisition will no doubt make it easier for another film to be made but will it be a reboot or a continuation from the last film (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)? And how many might there be?

Is there an actor you could think of that could replace Ford’s fedora? Would a reboot of the original be preferable? Will there be a resurgence of Indy-themed toys available for us to buy lots and lots of? Let us know your thoughts!

-Larissa Mrykalo