'The Walking Dead' Gets Sexy with Burlesque Tribute

While the zombie apocalypse isn't generally considered sexy, you may rethink that with news of the "Walking Dead"-inspired burlesque show, "Boobs of the Dead." Chicago's Gorilla Tango Theater originally put on the show around Halloween, but it was so well received that they've decided to extend the run until December 27.

A bevy of burly babes bring your favorite characters to life, including a raunchy Rick Grimes and a debaucherous Daryl Dixon. "Boobs of the Dead" showcases a female Rick Grimes waking up in the hospital, only to find that all of Chicago has been overrun with the bumping, grinding and shambling undead. The show has received rave reviews, so if you're in Chicago, get tickets (18 and over only, please) and head out to this must-see show!

-Nowal Massari