Zombies and Vampires Take Over NYC in Romero's 'Empire of the Dead #1'

What happens to the living when the undead go toe-to-toe in battle? From Marvel comics and award winning artist Alex Maleev and godfather of the zombies, George A. Romero, comes "Empire of the Dead #1."

The comic takes place in New York City years after a horrifying outbreak infects the nation. Though NYC is now a quarantine zone, that doesn't mean the inhabitants are safe. The remnants of Manhattan are overrun with brain eating zombies, however, they aren't the only ghouls that humanity has to contend with. Vampires skulk in the shadows, feasting on the living and dead alike, which means no one is safe.

From editor, Bill Roseman, “Like a surgeon, George Romero is once again using the horror genre as a scalpel, cutting through the surface of everyday life to expose society’s undercurrents. One could say that the vampires are the Haves and the zombies are the Have-Nots. And us poor humans? We’re the ones getting caught in the crossfire of their escalating war. It’s a violent clash indeed, and Alex Maleev is bringing this undead battle to horrifying – but beautiful – life!"

So what happens when two of the most notorious breeds of undead duke it out for ultimate supremacy? Find out this January when "Empire of the Dead #1" invades a comic book shop near you! While you wait, check out some exclusive artwork from the debut issue (after the jump).

-Nowal Massari