'A World of Haunted Houses' Infographic Asks, 'Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?'

A World of Haunted Houses
A World of Haunted Houses [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights

According to this infographic, "A World of Haunted Houses," beliefs about ghosts certainly vary around the world. We here in the United States have more people saying they've seen a ghost. However, compared to England and Canada, we don't believe as strongly as they do with only 45% of our population versus 52% in England and 47% in Canada. Why do you suppose this is true? There are 32% of Americans who also believe we can interact with ghosts. Are you in that percentage?

Out of the top five most notorious haunted destinations in the world, two of the five are in the United States (The Amityville House and The Myrtles Plantation). Take a look at the infographic (after the jump or click on the link under the pic) and let us know what you think. What was left off? Have you ever been to one or all of the listed notorious haunted locations? Have you seen a ghost? Was it from Canada? Boo.

-Larissa Mrykalo