'Face Off' Recap: 'Dragon's Breath'


This week’s episode of "Face Off" provided the remaining 13 artists with their first individual challenge: exploring the world of fantasy. After thinking back on last week’s challenge, the artists meet up with McKenzie Westmore at Point Dune. Point Dune has been the location for iconic movies like Tony Stark’s Mansion in "Iron Man" and the final scene in "Planet of the Apes."

McKenzie is standing next to several weathered shields and tells the group that this will be their first spotlight challenge. Their mission is to select a shield and create a dragon that could have inflicted the damage. The choices are: Frozen, Charred, Corroded, Quilled, Slimed, Sand Blasted, and Tarred.

  • Rashaad / Matt – Tarred
  • Chloe – Sand Blasted
  • Tyler/ Cat – Frozen
  • Graham / Daniel– Slimed
  • Niko / Tess – Quilled
  • George / Tanner – Charred
  • Corinne / Daran - Corrosion

DAY 1 – 5 hours

Things are already getting off to a rocky start when Tess made the mistake of sculpting one side of the face and is now falling behind. There isn’t going to be enough time to mold the face today so she has to push it to tomorrow.

Finally, Michael Westmore arrives to give the artists some insightful information. He gives Tanner some useful information for his charred dragon to help him move the jaw of the creature. He also stressed the importance of a good paint job when you have so much detail to show in the sculpting work. It’s very important to not overdo a paint job.

Tyler is the first and only one on Day 1 to get his face mold done.

Day 2 – 9.5 hours

It seems like all the artists have a lot left to do and they’re all worried about time constraints and if they’re going to be done in time. Daniel, really wanting to show detail in his dragon is going to incorporate a scale texture, which adds more time because you have to pay attention to every scale. A lot of the artists have taken to fabrication to cut down on some of their time to make it easier on their designs.

Finally, to make matters worse, Chloe had trouble opening her locked mold so she grabs Tess and a few others to help her get it open. After successfully opening the mold, the clay is stuck to the top and they can’t get it clean. She won’t have enough time to use foam latex like she wanted.

DAY 3 – 4 hrs in Lab & 1 hr Last Looks

The artists struggle to finish their pieces on time and get them on the model, and paint them. Chloe is continuing to struggle as her mold gets stuck when she tried to take the poly foam out. She sucks it up and puts the prosthetics on her model and rushes, like the rest of the artists to beat the clock and get ready for last looks.

Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page joined the artists onstage for the big reveal. After the dragons paraded onstage the judges got to have a closer look.

Tyler, George, Tess, Niko, Rashaad, and Daniel were the best and worst this week, everyone else was safe. Tyler’s dragon earned rave reviews from the judges calling it “Killer” and praising him on his wise decisions. They also said his wings were the best set of wings they’ve seen on the show.

Rashaad also had a good week, calling his dragon “Mindblowing” and loving the paint technique. Not so good this week were Daniel, saying his dragon was “not a pretty picture” and that his scales looked more like green chainmail. The judges couldn’t find anything that remotely resembles a dragon on his creature. Niko wasn’t spared from the judge’s comments as his dragon was “ponderous viewing” and that the judges didn’t know what he was trying to show them.

After much deliberation the judges came to a final decision…

  • Top looks: George, Tyler and Rashaad
  • Winner: Tyler
  • Bottom looks: Niko, Daniel, Tess
  • Eliminated: Daniel